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Healthcare Integration and Consulting

Ace Computers has been providing reliable, secure, accessible solutions to healthcare clients for more than 3 decades. Professor Milos Popovic, University of Colorado Boulder on working with Ace Computers: "We needed a fast set of compute nodes, each with several microprocessors – 32–48 cores in each machine. And, we needed to maximize memory bandwidth. We didn´t have a lot of time to figure it out ourselves, so I just needed good things to happen and by using Ace Computers I wasn´t disappointed. We wanted something reliable that would do exactly what we wanted within our budget and that´s what we got." Contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Standard Criteria:

  • Processing Workload
  • Patient Records
  • Database
  • Wireless Access
  • Access Security

Ideal for:

  • All healthcare providers that put a premium on technology solutions with proven reliability, effortless 24/7 accessibility, and security that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements.
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality controlled assembly and testing process



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