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Forensic Workstations Protect your Chain of Evidence

Cybercrime investigators require a unique toolset to perform their jobs. Ace Computers has been providing custom forensic workstations under our FORCE brand for many years. One of the critical components in any forensic workstation is the combination of Write blockers that are included. Write blockers are devices that allow acquisition of information on a drive without creating the possibility of accidentally damaging the drive contents. They do this by allowing read commands to pass but by blocking write commands, hence their name.

There are two ways to build a write-blocker: the blocker can allow all commands to pass from the computer to the drive except for those that are on a particular list. Alternatively, the blocker can specifically block the write commands and let everything else through. Write blockers may also include drive protection which will limit the speed of a drive attached to the blocker. Drives that run at higher speed work harder (the head moves back and forth more often due to read errors). This added protection could allow drives that can not be read at high speed (UDMA modes) to be read at the slower modes (PIO). There are two types of write blockers, Native and Tailgate. A Native device uses the same interface for both in and out, for example a IDE to IDE write block. A Tailgate device uses one interface for one side and a different one for the other, for example a Firewire to SATA write block.

Write blockers are just one example of the custom features that our engineering team incorporates. We also work with all of the industry leading software vendors to insure that our systems really do "Protect your Chain of Evidence." Contact our team to talk about your requirements.

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