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High Performance Computers Cluster Design & Implementation

Ace Computers has built and delivered hundreds of integrated, turnkey Linux HPC clusters, ranging from several hundred cores to hundreds of nodes and more. Our engineering team is experienced in all facets of configuring, deploying and managing HPC clusters.

Our latest projects include an Infiniband Cluster for the Navy that will be utilized to perform CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) research, and an upgrade to the Quantum Chemistry Cluster at North Carolina State University. Other recent efforts have included new HPC solutions for NIH, UW, Georgia Tech, and UF.

We work with our extensive ecosystem of hardware partners, and we only offer best-of-breed components that are fully tested, including all driver support for your environment. We understand that cluster management can be a daunting task, so Ace Computers has chosen to work with the cluster management experts, with the vast majority of our systems featuring software from StackIQ or Bright Computing, both of which are designed for ease-of-use. Our engineering team pre-configures the system, and often performs the actual installation (your existing racks or we provide them as part of the solution) and customer training onsite (typically only requiring 1-3 days). Working with the experts provides peace of mind and insures top quality support. We offer all components and services required for deploying an HPC cluster

Our HPC Engineering Team will:

  • Define your Deployment Cycle
  • Select your Components
  • Integrate and Test the Cluster
  • Configure the Cluster Management Tools
  • Support your Production Roll-out
  • Perform Onsite Installation and Training

Ideal for:

  • Researchers, Scientists, Engineers
  • Allowing you to focus on software development, not hardware maintenance
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality controlled assembly and testing process



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