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Standard Servers
(Rack / Tower / Blades / Storage) Powerful Features and Exceptional Performance

The vast majority of our Ace Computers´ Powerworks solutions are between 1U and 5U in various rack mounted configurations, or larger Blade solutions. Most feature hot swap hard drives (both 2.5" and 3.5"), utilizing both SATA and SAS interfaces. RAID support is standard on nearly all systems, with both integrated and discrete options to fit any requirements. Ace is very experienced with twin node and quad node (horizontal blade solutions), as well as high speed networking (10GB Ethernet & FDR/QDR Infiniband). Systems are offered providing redundant power supplies (typically two to four in a chassis, and nearly always hot swap) as well as redundant cooling/exhaust fans (selected chassis feature hot swap fans). Most systems feature 80 PLUS Certified power supplies.

Ace Computers´ Powerworks Storage Servers, featuring up to 36 hot swap hard drives in a 4U configuration (24 accessible in the front, 12 accessible in the rear), offer both full height (riser card) and low profile 2U servers integrated within the 4U chassis. With SES2 (SAS) expanded backplane support, there is no limit to what can be delivered, with systems of 504TB in 12U of vertical space readily available (126 hot-swap hard drives) and new designs continue to become available achieving even higher densities. Many of these systems feature Dual Hot-Swap operating system drive support (2.5" SFF HDD/SSD) in the rear, providing exceptional ease of use. Custom rack configurations up to 9U are available, as well as standard DAS/NAS/SAN solutions with embedded dual controllers (SAS/FC/iSCSI). Ace is a Microsoft Certified Embedded Partner (Windows Storage Server 2008R2 / 2012), as well as offering fully configured software including Open-E DSS V7, StarWind Enterprise HA, StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V and other ISV solutions. Ace Computers offers onsite installation, initial configuration support (onsite/remote), and complete customer training.


Workstations & GPU Computing Versatility and Customization to meet your needs

Ace Computers´ LogiCAD Workstations are used throughout the world, supporting customers in every area of the Public and Private Sector. System configurations often feature Dual CPU or even Quad CPU solutions, and include the latest in GPU processing power from AMD, NVIDIA and Intel. Whether you are looking for a small size environmentally friendly green system, or the latest full tower personal supercomputer, Ace can deliver. Many of our newest systems feature Closed Loop Liquid Cooling, supporting higher performance CPUs, and memory speeds of up to 1866MHz (without over clocking)!


High Performance Computing
(HPC) & Clusters Complete Supercomputer Design Engineering

Ace Computers specializes in High Performance Cluster Systems for major Universities, Federal Labs, US Military and Corporate Clients. These systems are typically used for high level research and analysis in the fields of Quantum Chemistry, Nuclear Physics, Geospatial Analysis, Environmental Studies, Big Data Analysis, Biomedical Research and other highly complex computational fields. We work closely with our clients to determine their requirements, and integrate clusters from as few as 64 cores in a single node to more than 1,000 nodes and over 50,000 cores. Systems feature Cluster Management Software from technology leaders including Bright and StackIQ, as well as Linux from RedHat, Suse and Open Source. High Density GPU solutions are available and standard interconnects include QDR/FDR Infiniband and 10GbE, as well as 4GB/8GB/16GB FC options for SAN Storage.


Serious Mobility Computing High end portable servers and workstations

Ace Computers´ Mustang and Raptor Portable Workstations give a TOTALLY NEW EXPERIENCE to mobile computing. Our systems utiliazed full Workstation/Server processors up to 8 cores and 16 threads, discrete video, RAID storage,and overclocking features. Unlike other mobile solutions, Ace Mustang and Raptor series workstations can handle up to 128GB of RAM, just as a full desktop workstation or server can. With up to 22TB of RAID backed storage, TPM 2.0 standard, available Smart Card Reader built in, they are the perfect portable workstation and at 7.5 to 10 pounds, very portable. .


Forensic & Mobility Computing High end portable servers and workstations

Ace Computers´ FORCE Forensic Workstations are cutting edge technical solutions featuring the latest technology. Our systems feature the latest processors like Intel® 2nd generation Scalable Xeon®, AMD® Ryzen® 3rd generation and highh-end discrete video, RAID storage, write blockers, field kits, evidence gathering tool kits, and forensic software. Unlike other providers, Ace FORCE™ systems come with a standard 5 year warranty and are priced as computer systems, not works of art even though we think they look pretty good, too. Our FORCE™ systems feature the latest technology from Opentext® (Guildance/Tableau) & Logicube® and CRU-DataPort (Wiebetech) for write-blocking forensic bridges and high speed accelerated password recovery. Whether you are working in a standard investigative lab environment, or you need the flexibility to work in the field, FORCE and ACE can work for you.


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