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Techno Forensics

Interpol Expo

FDAE Wright-Patt


FDAE Hanscom

HTCIA 2017

Synnex Annual Conference

FDAE Offutt

IACP 2017


Myrtle Beach, FL


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Private Label Server &
Appliance Manufacturing

We want you to focus on your clients, not your production line. Working with a private label manufacturer like Ace Computers will allow your team to utilize their talents and expertise where it belongs. Talk to us about your requirements.

High Performance Compute
Cluster Design

With the shift to "Big Data & Analytics" and the re-emergence of hard research, the need for high performance compute resources has never been greater. The engineers at Ace Computers work with you to design solutions within real world budgets.

Forensic Workstations &
Chain of Evidence

The confiscation of a laptop, cellphone, or desktop computer from a potential suspect is just the beginning of the process. It takes a smart combination of hardware and software tools to establish the "Chain of Evidence" and succeed in a court of law.

Datacenter Solutions &
DC Powered Racks

Everyone is focused on reducing their carbon footprint and lowering their energy utilization in the datacenter. Ace Computers is at the forefront of this issue with the introduction of our clustered rack servers utilizing DC power.


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